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Muay Thai/​Kick­box­ing 7:008:00am 7:008:00am
Brazil­ian Jiu-​Jitsu 7:309:00pm 7:309:00pm


Invite Only

KIDS Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu 6:007:00pm 6:007:00pm
KIDS Muay Thai 4:155:15pm 4:155:15pm
Box­ing 6:007:30pm 6:007:30pm 10:0011:30am
Begin­ners Kickboxing 7:007:30pm 7:007:30pm
Muay Thai/​Kick­box­ing 6:007:30pm 7:309:00pm 6:007:30pm 7:309:00pm
GYM Times 5:009:00pm 5:009:00pm 5:009:00pm 5:009:00pm 9:0012:00pm

WOM­ENS ONLY Classes Com­ing Soon!

Muay Thai /​Kick­box­ing

A mix of high car­dio, core strength and tech­nique, these classes incor­po­rate west­ern kick­box­ing and Asian Muay Thai which use kicks, punches, knees and elbow com­bi­na­tions, with some grap­pling and light spar­ring with a strong focus on good tech­nique and dis­ci­pline. Classes are suit­able for all expe­ri­ence levels.


Tra­di­tional, west­ern box­ing tech­nique incor­po­rated with car­dio and core strength. Great for fit­ness, fun and suit­able for any age and expe­ri­ence level.

Wom­ens Only Get Fit Class (Com­ing Soon)

This ladies class focuses on a good car­dio work­out incor­po­rat­ing core strength and some kick­box­ing tech­nique. High level car­dio gets the heart pump­ing, great for los­ing weight, ton­ing up, fun, fit­ness and confidence.

DMD’s MMA is diverse and caters to every­one, so if you are con­ser­v­a­tive, a lit­tle body con­scious or have reli­gious laws/​values, please feel as ease and com­fort­able in our sep­a­rate train­ing room which is private.

Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu

The style of Gra­cie Jiu Jitsu places empha­sis on effec­tive lever­age and tech­nique over brute strength. It is in essence a grap­pling style, which is highly effec­tive due to its use of ground grap­pling sub­mis­sion tech­niques such as chokes and joint locks. Suit­able for most ages and abilities.

Invite Only on Fri­days, for the more expe­ri­enced fighters.

KIDS Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu

Brazil­ian Jiu Jitsu Is ben­e­fi­cial to chil­dren for many rea­sons. Chil­dren can learn great prob­lem solv­ing skills while also becom­ing more dis­ci­plined indi­vid­u­als, it can also help Coun­ter­act child­hood obe­sity. Chil­dren can meet life­long friends while also learn­ing to defend them­selves and pre­vent alter­ca­tions all together.

Here at DMDs our Kids BJJ Classes are taught by Pro­fes­sor Mar­cel Leteri, a very hum­ble and approach­able Jiu Jitsu Coach, Ref­eree and Com­peti­tor. His­tory includes; IBJJF Black Belt Euro­pean Cham­pion (Gi /​NoGi), 6 times UWW Grap­pling World Cham­pion, 10 x Ital­ian Grap­pling Cham­pion and IBJJF Black Belt Euro­pean Cham­pion (Gi /​NoGi).

More than wel­come to come in and meet the team prior to sign­ing up, also enjoy a FREE les­son on us!

KIDS Muay Thai

Muay Thai, one of the world’s most pop­u­lar mar­tial arts! It could also be what your child needs to build con­fi­dence and stand against bul­lies at school and at other social places. Your child gets con­fi­dence, dis­ci­pline, focus, men­tal strength and much more.

DMD’s MMA Kids pro­gram is based on a prin­ci­ple that bul­ly­ing and vio­lence can be han­dled through non-​violent tech­niques. Your child will gain the con­fi­dence needed to take con­trol of his/​her life and con­front bul­lies in proven and safe man­ner. Muay Thai train­ing pro­grams also aid your kid to develop cru­cial val­ues and char­ac­ter traits.

Classes taught by DMD’s very own Founder David D’Aversa, with well over 20 years expe­ri­ence and many titles to his name, you can be rest assured that your child is learn­ing from one of the best. Respected, approach­able and loves to make train­ing fun!

Cave­man Bootcamp

These boot­camp style classes are avail­able Mon­day, Wednes­day and Fri­day morn­ings from 6-​7am. They incor­po­rate core strength and car­dio activ­i­ties, such as tyre-​flip, sledge ham­mers, sled-​pulls, cycling, box jumps, hard car­dio, sprints, inter­val train­ing and more.

Call David on 0409 791 154 for fur­ther infor­ma­tion and to book a place.

Morn­ing Muay Thai /​Kick­box­ing Class

Morn­ing Kickboxing/​Muay Thai classes are avail­able Mon­day, Wednes­day, Fri­day morn­ings from 7-​8am. Morn­ing classes are a mod­er­ate to high car­dio work out to help you start you day the right way. also with a well bal­anced diet can be a real boost for weight loss.

Class Cal­en­dar

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